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Death traps, or DTs, are special rooms that, when triggered (either by entry or a specific action), kill the player and destroy the corpse leaving nothing behind to recover. These rooms should not be confused with instadeath rooms which kill the player in much the same fashion, but do not destroy their corpse.

One of the best tests to determine which room you've hit is attempting to supplicate your corpse. If you cannot supplicate then there is a good chance it was a DT.

  • author note: would like to add exact message you get when attempting this and also any information on possible nosupplicate instadeath rooms that are trigger based (instead of entry), should they exist.


  • Read room descriptions. There are several DTs where the rooms leading up to them give you hints that your immediate area is far less safe than what you are used to. The more important warnings are ones that hint towards structural damage or an environment you can't survive in as opposed to a possible dangerous creature. When exploring a new area, turn off brief and pay attention to where you are going.
  • Make liberal use of scry/scan. These skills are invaluable when attempting to learn what is around you. If you are in a new area (especially a high level one), make sure you have at least one method of examining the rooms ahead of you. The current room description is good info, but if you are reading the current room description of a DT then it is already too late for you.
  • When scrying, be wary of rooms that list exits as "None". This is a huge tip off for you. While not all rooms with no exits are DTs (or even problems), this should be the first warning sign to take a second look at your surroundings.
  • Wear backup equipment when exploring an unknown area. This may not always be possible, but when the area appears especially dangerous this is your safest bet to avoid losing your most valued gear.


The death trap in the Village of Edo is an example of an action based DT.

Help File

 A "death trap" refers to a scenario where one moves into a "room" and is
 immediately awakened from death with no equipment or corpse. A corpse
 recovery is not an option in this case as there is no corpse to retrieve.
 There are also pseudo death traps that may appear to be a dt, but leave a 
 corpse or transfer a corpse to another area. This is not a true dt. 
 It is often advisable to look before one leaps and heed room descriptions.
 DT's do not warrant a reimbursement, they are a part of the game. Gold, 
 glory and favor are not affected by a death trap.