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  • Syntax: style defensive

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This style emphasizes the deflecting of blows from an
enemy. It is similar to the evasive style, except that
it focuses on holding ground instead of dodging. An eff-
ective fighter will take less damage from an enemy,
but not as much as one using evasive tactics. A fighter
will also do less damage to enemies, but slightly great-
er than those who simply evade.


Changes the player's fighting style to defensive. In this style, less damage will be taken and dealt by the player than if they were in any style but evasive. Many spells, especially defensive ones, require the caster to be in a MinPos of evasive or defensive style if they are to cast the spell in battle. Defensive style is the second-least offensive of the five fighting styles.

To practice and adept this skill, you must swap to this style while in battle. It is not necessary to vary styles to do this, just continually changing to the current style will suffice.

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