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  • devote <deity>
  • devote none

Help File

You must be level 5 or above to devote to a deity.

The devote command allows you to devote yourself to a deity. This is a
choice that should not be made lightly, for once you devote to a deity, you
are bound to them for 100 years.
It is highly recommended that you visit the prophets in Notre Dame de Sioux
to find out as much as you can about each deity. You may not devote until 
level five. In order to devote to a deity, seek out the deity's naos, or
temple, and type 'devote <deity name>'.
To change your deity, you must have been devoted for at least 100
years and be at least 117 years of age. If you satisfy these requirements
type 'devote none'. You can then find your new deity's temple or naos and
devote to it there.

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