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Dexterity, DEX in your 'score', represents your character's agility
and physical skill.

Dexterity is very important for quaffing potions and eating pills
during combat. High dexterity will allow  a character to quaff or eat
without dropping many potions or pills during the heat of battle.
Poor dexterity will causes a character to accidentally drop vials or
trample pills before they can be consumed.

Among other things, dexterity affects:

  > The maximum number of items a character can carry at once in
    their inventory - with each additional point of dexterity,
    additional items may be carried
  > Each additional point of dexterity lowers, or improves, a
    character's natural armor class
  > The number of new moves received each time a character levels as
    well as the number of moves a character regenerates at each tick
    when resting to refresh or regain movement points
  > Success chances with bash, stun and gouge, and helps determine
    whether a Thief will be able to poison a weapon or tumble

Dexterity is the prime attribute of the Thief, Vampire, Fathomer, and

Dexterity is the secondary attribute of the Warrior and Nephandi
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