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Help File

Syntax:   drink <object>                (drink liquid from a container)
Syntax:   eat   <object>                (eat food or magical pill)
          eat   <object> <container>    (eat directly from a container)

Drink instructs your character to drink from a fountain or container to
alleviate thirst.

Eat instructs your character to eat an item of food or a magical pill, which
may act similarly to potions. Many pills do not fill stomach space.



A drink in the game is typically one of three liquids: water, blood or alcohol. Until they reach avatar level, all classes except Vampires need to drink water to quench their thirst.

These liquids can be found or stored in drink containers, known as drinkcons, e.g. a dragonskin. Water might also be drunk from places such as streams, fountains or pools - such as the fountain in Darkhaven square - and blood can also be drunk from pools of spilled blood on the ground or directly from a target. Players with the create spring spell can conjure a mystical spring of water, which has the magical ability of clearing the stomach space of anyone who drinks from it, allowing them to quaff more potions.

Additionally, alcohol inebriates the player, affecting their mentalstate, hindering their movement, causing their speech to slur and making them perform actions unwillingly, such as vomiting and belching.

Drinkcon Liquid Types

Colour of liquids when identified.
Originally compiled by Tethlis, sourced from the GoM page.

Colour Liquid
Clear Water
Clear Salt Water
Amber Beer
Rose Wine
Brown Ale
Golden Whiskey
Pink Lemonade
Boiling Firebreather
Everclear Local Specialty
Green Slime Mold Juice
White Milk
Tan Tea
Black Coffee
Cherry Cola
Honey Mead
Thick Brown Grog