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Also known as Ilythiiri, Drow are the darker, more evil cousins of Elves.
They were once part of the happier community of Elves which roam the forests today,
but have long since moved under the ground, building vast subterranean cities and complex
networks of caves.

Drow have dark skin and light hair and are moderately weaker with a slightly higher
constitution than the average Human. Still, like all Elves, they
possess a slightly higher dexterity than Humans.

Members of this race specialize in spell casting, and have thus developed a very high
intelligence. Being creatures of darkness, the Drow tend to fight more proficiently
in the darkness and have innate infravision with which to discern objects and living
things in the absence of light. They also possess inherent scry and are resistant to some

Drow may follow the ways of the following classes:
Augurer Bladesinger Cleric Mage Nephandi Thief Vampire Warrior

Drow gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.08.

The Drow Nation lies far to the north, somewhere beyond the Northern Plains.