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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #6 s;ne;#2 s;se;#2 e;s;#2 sw;s;#4 sw;#4 s;#5 se;#2 s;d;s;se;s;#3 sw;u;#3 w;s;sw;d;#3 w;#3 n;w;#2 s;#2 sw;#2 w;sw;#2 nw;sw;w;sw;#2 s;sw;tree;#2 e;#3 se;#4 s;#3 e;s;#2 w;open w;w;n;#2 u;#2 s
  • MUSHClient: #6s (ne) 2s (se) 2e s 2(sw) s 4(sw) 4s 5(se) 2s d s (se) s 3(sw) u 3w s (sw) d 3w 3n w 2s 2(sw) 2w (sw) 2(nw) (sw) w (sw) 2s (sw) (tree) 2e 3(se) 4s 3e s 2w (open w) w n 2u 2s
  • General: 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 4sw, 4s, 5se, 2s, d, s, se, s, 3sw, u, 3w, s, sw, d, 3w, 3n, w, 2s, 2sw, 2w, sw, 2nw, sw, w, sw, 2s, sw, tree, 2e, 3se, 4s, 3e, s, 2w, open w, w, n, 2u, 2s

Area Information

  • Author: Dylan
  • Credits: RoD and Haus (Revisions)
  • Level Range: 30 - 50
  • Repop Message: The winds of change swirl around you like a bad Van Gogh.
  • Astral/Portal Point: Harpy, Air elemental, VanHalen, Whiner
  • Mob/Item List: Dylan's Area


Clouds have plagued the skies southwest of Darkhaven over a    
region of The Mire since the dawn of Despair. No one knows the 
cause of this, but many speculate that the vicious harpies and 
air elementals who rule these skies weave the clouds through   
with powerful magic. It provides both races with a haven and   
also camouflage for hiding from predators and sneaking up on   
prey. Thankfully, these beings never descend from the skies    
and assail the races of Light.

Area Notes

The entrance is through Redferne's, in the centre of the map. Everything else is Dylan's area.

Area Map


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