Eastern Trade Route

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #8 e;ne
  • MUSHClient: #8e (ne)
  • General: 8e, ne

Area Information


Connecting from the city of New Darkhaven out to Ocean Keep in 
the Azure Sea, the Eastern Trade Route was built by the        
various merchants and crafts guilds to provide a safe and      
secure route through the Ashen Forest. Along the road, there   
is an inn for weary travelers and also a stable where one can  
can purchase a mount for faster travel. A small fund is        
donated yearly to maintain the road for all who wish to use

Area Notes

The Eastern Trade Route, or ETR, runs from the east exit of Darkhaven through the Ashen Forest, passes the King's Castle and ends up at Ocean Keep. The Ashen Forest map includes the ETR and is clearer for understanding the two areas.

Home to Vroshna and, occasionally, Dennis Moore.

Area Map


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