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During character creation, some races have the option to select facial hair. Male Gnomes and Halflings can have sideburns and/or mustaches. All Dwarves, male/neutral Humans, and male Half-Elves, Half-Ogres, Half-Orcs, Half-Trolls additionally can have a goatee or full beard. Drow, Elves, Gith, Pixies, and Sea-Elves cannot normally choose facial hair.


There is a way to select facial hair for a race or gender that could otherwise not. First choose a race/gender that can have the desired facial hair. At the end of character creation, you are asked if you would like to start over. Choose 'yes' and continue to make the desired character. The facial hair attributes will remain. If you want to remove a piece of facial hair on a character that doesn't get the option, you must first make a different character that does, then change back to the original.

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