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Conquerors of many seas and ships, Fathomers are adepts at both battle tactics and the realm of storms. Having spent so much time at sea, they tend to lead solitary lives. Through the many raids they lead and take part in, Fathomers quickly learn the art of war. The nature of this pirateous descent keeps them mostly on the defensive. However, as the Fathomer grows in age and experience, they become adepts with the elements of water. While they also have a limited ability to manipulate air, it becomes twofold when coupled with their reign over the oceans and seas. Stealthy yet bright, Fathomers not only evade most attackers, but are also quick to assail from shadows or feign their movements. Having spent so much time at sea to advance in their arts, Fathomers are limited to medium sized races with sturdy frames.

"I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, and the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking, and the gray mist on the sea's face and a gray dawn breaking. I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied." John Masefield, Sea Fever

Forced to contend with rough seas and thin yardarms, Fathomers are often well balanced and nimble. Dexterity is the foremost requisite of those who ply the seas. However, the Fathomer is not as base as his scurvy pirate forbearers. The Fathomer is adept at manipulating the water and wind. In order to maintain their repertoire of spells, a Fathomer must possess a keen intellect and be sure to never neglect his intelligence. Due to poor conditions and the hardships of a life at sea, Fathomers are often in ill health and lack in constitution.



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Level Skill Max MinPos
1 cook 95 resting
1 standard style 95 any
1 bludgeons 40 any
1 flexible arms 70 any
1 long blades 95 any
1 pugilism 70 any
1 short blades 95 any
1 talonous arms 80 any
2 climb 80 standing
2 dig 95 standing
2 fish 95 fighting (evasive)
2 strike 95 fighting (aggressive)
3 evasive style 95 any
4 pilfer 95 standing
5 fog 95 standing
6 broach 70 standing
7 windwalk 95 fighting (defensive)
8 rummage 95 standing
9 jab 80 fighting (aggressive)
10 water spout 95 fighting (aggressive)
10 scan 85 standing
10 stalk 95 standing (pkill only)
11 aggressive style 75 fighting (aggressive)
12 dodge 95 fighting (aggressive)
13 defensive style 90 any
14 create spring 95 fighting
15 submerge 95 standing
16 peek 95 standing
17 seasight 95 fighting (aggressive)
18 second attack 95 fighting (berserk)
19 disarm 75 fighting (aggressive)
20 laesa tronada 95 fighting (defensive)
21 enhanced damage 70 fighting (berserk)
22 isscyll 95 fighting (defensive)
23 parry 90 fighting (aggressive)
24 salinate 95 fighting
25 mount 40 standing
26 lunge 80 fighting (aggressive)
29 dual wield 90 fighting (aggressive)
30 berserk style 65 fighting (defensive)
31 thrust 95 fighting (aggressive)
33 vindur gust 95 fighting (defensive)
34 swap 80 resting
35 diminue geysir 95 fighting (defensive)
36 third attack 65 fighting (berserk)
37 aquaeforme 95 fighting (berserk)
38 iceshield 85 fighting (evasive)
39 control weather 95 standing
40 seasting 75 standing
43 fourth attack 20 fighting (berserk)
44 isfundere 95 sitting
45 mutiny 95 standing
47 vindur gong 80 sitting
48 feign 85 fighting
49 glass eye 70 fighting
50 tronada macecle 95 fighting (aggressive)
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