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Your favor reflects how much your deity approves of you and your actions. It can increase if you follow the principles of your deity or decrease if you go against those wishes. High favor gives you better chance rolls and weapon bonuses, while low favor penalizes you. Favor is also used to request, or supplicate, special services from your deity.

If you deviate from your deity's alignment, you shall suffer a penalty in favor for some actions.

Some deities provide bonuses for or deliver punishments against certain acts. Knowing your deity well is prudent. Every deity will reward devotion of exceptional longevity by granting favor with greater ease.

Favor Levels

The name given to different favour levels. The amount of favour you need for supplication is dependant on your deity.

Name Range
loved +2251 to +2500
cherished +2001 to +2250
honored +1751 to +2000
praised +1501 to +1750
favored +1251 to +1500
respected +1001 to +1250
liked +750 to +1000
tolerated +251 to +750
ignored -249 to +250
shunned -250 to -749
disliked -750 to -999
dishonored -1000 to -1249
disowned -1250 to -1499
abandoned -1500 to -1749
despited -1750 to -1999
hated -2000 to -2249
damned -2250 to -2500