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Styles, when effectively used, can change the tide of battle. The more
experienced one is in a particular style, the better the chances that it
will work for the fighter's advantage. There are five known styles.

Styles can be changed during combat to better one's advantage and knowledge
of different forms of combat. Most (but not all) mobs, when battling a group,
will focus on the person with the most aggressive style.

Note: Styles are displayed in your spell/skill list. They must be practiced


Fighting styles change the amount of damage you take and deal during a fight, as well as affecting which other actions you are capable of performing during a fight. Some mobs will target whichever of its attackers is in the highest style, allowing players to organise which of them will be attacked - a method known as style tanking.

To practice and adept styles, you must use the style <style you want to adept> command while in battle. It is not necessary to vary styles to do this, just continually changing to the current style will suffice.

Style Damage Dealt / Taken
berserk style 120%
aggressive style 110%
standard style 100%
defensive style 85%
evasive style 80%

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