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Flee is a command that allows you to run from combat. If successful, you will lose experience and be moved to any adjacent room that you have access to. If you do not have access to any adjacent rooms, flee will always fail. You will sometimes lose experience for failed attempts. The more exits available to you, the higher the chance of flee being successful. See also: rescue, wimpy.

If you lose connection to RoD during a fight (computer crashes, network times out, etc), your character will make automatic attempts at fleeing and recalling. Recall will cost additional experience and fail more often under these conditions.


  • flee

Help File

Fleeing a fight is one of several successful means to leave a fight once 
it has started. If you are below the level of avatar experience will be 
lost if you are not a pkill character. Attempting to flee during a fight 
will also cost experience. 

Note: Less experience is lost in fleeing than in dying to a mobile.