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General Information

Glory is a measure of how valiant you are, and is accumulated by taking part
in quests (mostly) and possibly in a few other ways in the near to distant
future.  It appears on your score screen as:
                    Glory: 264(430)
  The number in parentheses is the total lifetime glory attained by your
character, and the other number is your current glory.  Glory can be "spent"
to improve your items and weapons (among possible other things in the future)
as according to the scale detailed in HELP GLORY RATES.
   Unlike Quest Points of old, Glory will not only go to the "winner" of the
quest, but will be awarded on a basis of participation.  For example, the big
prize might not only go to the person who killed the monster,  but also to
the person who solved the riddle first, etc.  Players who took part in the
quest and helped a notable amount will also receive lesser amounts of Glory.
   Glory cannot be traded or transferred between characters or pooled
from multiple characters.  This would be like Odysseus passing all the
renown for his deeds off onto someone else. Remember to save when you are
awarded glory, as it will not be reimbursed if lost due to death or a crash.

See Also: Glory Rates

Help File (Glory Trade)

Glory is a trait inherent in a character, and as such will not under any
circumstances be moved from one player to another.
On a similar note, Glory is cashed in as per GLORY RATES and will NOT be
taken from more than one character in order to buy an affect. 
A character may purchase aesthetic changes (renames, rekeys, extra
descriptions or removal of glow/hum) for someone else as a GIFT without having
the item tagged. This includes allowing the use of glory from one alt to rename
the tagged item on another. The selling or trading of glory by placing it on an
object AT THE REQUEST OF THE PURCHASER is strictly forbidden. Should a player
wish to sell or trade an item or character that has glory or a glory affect
on it, they are welcome to do so. Simply ensure if you are selling an item with
glory that it was not put on there at the request of another player. 

 - Allowed:
Joe traffics: Selling a pair of moccasins with 2 damroll added.
 - Not Allowed:
Joe traffics: Selling 300 glory.
The philosophy behind this is a simple one. Once glory is spent on an object
you are welcome to sell or trade it. Selling un-spent glory from a character
to be put on an object is, in effect, giving the purchaser glory they never
earned. Glory is meant to be a reflection of the player who earns it, and not
something sold to the highest bidder.
The sale of characters who have earned glory is fine. However, skirting the
rules by selling the character with glory, only to buy it after the glory is
spent should be avoided.
Selling or Trading glory on objects can result in the loss of both the object
and the glory added to it. If you have questions regarding the sale of an item
you are glorying, please consult a level 57+ immortal for clarification.

Note: As rename and CR scrolls are not considered glory, you are welcome
to trade or sell them should you have one (as long as they aren't named
scrolls - ie. Joe's free Immortal CR Scroll).