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Gnomes are a quirky demi-Human race. Though not the mightiest
of races, Gnomes are well versed in the studies of
knowledges, magicks, and religions. Most Gnomes often prefer
an evening at home with a magical tome, a loaf of pipeweed
bread, and a mug of ale over venturing out to battle.

In general, Gnomes are short and stocky, similar to their
Dwarven cousins. They usually focus in the magical or
Clerical arts, though a few rogues have ventured into the
arts of Thieving (albeit often not very well).

Gnomes have innate infravision, and due to their familiarity
with magical and religious lore they are able to detect magic
in the environment around them. They are somewhat resistant
to energy based magic, but also somewhat susceptible to fire.

Gnomes may follow the ways of the following classes:
     Augurer Cleric Druid Mage Thief

Gnomes gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.20.

The Gnome Nation lies on to the north, nestled within the
Forgotten Woods.



  • Height: 2'7" - 3'7"
  • Weight: 79 - 118 lbs.
  • Skin tone: light tan, dark tan
  • Eye color: hazel, brown, dark brown, blue, blue-green, green, grey
  • Hair style: no mohawk or dreadlocks
  • Hair color: blonde, white-blonde, grey, auburn, brown
  • Facial hair: sideburns/mustache (male only)