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Large, squat and smelly; make exceptionally deadly fighters.

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                        Half-Orcs [Il'khan]

As darker races have encroached further upon the remaining
settled areas, a recent mingling of Orcish and Human blood
has been detected. Most members of this half-blooded race are
distinctly more Orcish than Human in both appearance and

Though not as broad nor powerful as full-blood Orcs, Half-
Orcs usually retain their wider bodies, longer, bowed limbs
and heavier musculature. A ridged brow crowned by bushy
eyebrows conceals small, squinting eyes. Below a snout-like
nose opens a maw filled with crooked fangs. Their dark skin
emanates a rancid odor and their presence disgusts civilized

Large and dull of wit, with broad bodies, their poor mental
and physical dexterity is offset by an iron constitution.
Though some have dabbled in the sorcerous arts due to their
Human influence, brute combat is still the natural call,
which stirs in the soul of the Half-Orc. All Half-Orcs have
infravision, and most stand from six and a half to eight feet
tall and average two hundred pounds. They are an altogether
fearsome race.

Half-Orcs may follow the ways of the following classes:
Barbarian Bladesinger Thief Vampire Warrior

Half-Orcs gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 0.94.

The Half-Orc Nation lies atop a mountain in the north,
within the Barren Peaks.


  • Proficient abilities:
  • Imbued with: Infravision
  • Experience gain rate: Normal rate * 0.94
  • Base Stats: 12 str 10 int 10 wis 9 dex 14 con 10 cha 11 lck.
  • Stat points left to assign: 16
  • Classes allowed: Barbarian, Bladesinger, Thief, Vampire, Warrior.
  • Hometown: Mount Krozloy
  • Racial Skill: Brawl, Uses a trash item in players inventory to start a fight, potentially doing serious damage.
    • Located: Western Trade Route: #6 w;#2 sw;#5 w;#4 nw;#3 ne;#2 n;#3 nw;w;#4 sw;w;#2 nw;w;nw;n;#4 ne;#2 n;open w;w;nw;search
  • Totem Item: Snout of the pig


  • Height: 6'4" - 7'10"
  • Weight: 336 - 420 lbs.
  • Skin tone: light grey, dark tan (male/female only), dark green (male/female only)
  • Eye color: dark brown (male/female only), dark green (male/female only), red
  • Hair style: any
  • Hair color: raven black, brown
  • Facial hair: any (male only)