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IMPORTANT: Editors, please see this page's Talk Page for important discussion on style. Also, click "Watch" above this page to be notified of changes.



  • The syntax used for editing this site is the same as Wikipedia. Syntax help can be found on this page.
  • To upload a file, click the "Upload file" link on the toolbox to the left of the page.
  • If something in your sentence is an item, area, mob, spell, class, race, ability, etc, you should link to it. For example, if you mention somewhere in a sentence the area A Moment in Nature, it should be linked (and make sure it's spelled correctly). Linking wherever it is mentioned rather than once in paragraphs/texts is encouraged.
  • When areas/items/mobs are removed, instead of being deleted the pages should be added to the OOG category.
  • When the mob/area/item name has an article before it (the Ring of Wizardry, A bamboo canteen, the Village of Tar'pa Cithm), it should be added in the category with the article moved to the end, like so: [[Category:Items|Ring of Wizardry, the]], [[Category:Items|bamboo canteen, A]], [[Category:Items|Village of Tar'pa Cithm, the]]. Please mind the capitalisation.
  • All the article names must have ONLY their first letter capitalised, "Like this", unless it is an item/area/whatever name, in which case it must be written exactly as it is. If the wiki capitalises the first letter of the name, so be it.
  • All the headline titles (== These Lines ==) must have the first letter of EVERY word capitalised, except the rare case when they are names, in which case they must be written verbatim.
  • The category names must follow the headline capitalisation scheme, which is to capitalise every first letter.
  • The map upload names should be the area name, stripped of any spaces and special characters so that only letters remain, with the first letter capitalised and all others lowercase (including the extension). For example, Thevillageoftarpacithm.png. The strongly preferred image format is png.
  • Definitions should be written in singular form and expanded whenever possible (e.g. Mobile instead of Mobiles or Mobs or Mob, Area instead of Areas, Repopulation instead of Repop). If the expanded form is not widely used, redirects are to be set up to the article using this keyword:
#REDIRECT [[<page name>]]

For example, the ONLY text in the page "Mob" should be:

#REDIRECT [[Mobile]]
  • When uploading maps, don't write anything in the "Summary" box.


See: Template:Area

To find an area's Geo, see here. Also, the Geo categories are not, for example, "Otherlands", but "Otherlands Geo". That ensures that it doesn't conflict with the actual area category.

Repop messages are available here, portal points here. The portal points should not be linked (they are keywords more than actual mobs).


See: Template:Mob

WARNING: The mob article name is meant to be in all lowercase (except for the first letter, which the wiki will convert automatically anyway). This is because when you fight mobs, many change capitalization to lowercase, and it is also easier to find them, so make sure you uphold this rule.


See: Template:Item

IMPORTANT NOTE: Instead of writing the item pages yourself, you should email me the list of IDs you have, along with area/mob of each item and any notes you may have. I will add the pages you send me automatically, so it's faster and easier for everyone. The items should follow the following format:

Item ID
Mob <mob name>
Area <area name>
Notes <a note you want to include in the page's "Notes" section>
Notes <another note>

You can also add these tags as they apply:

Mob Area pop
Mob [Special]
Area None
Notes Pop
Notes OOG
Notes Creation item

Using the brackets for the "Special" mob means that there won't be a link, e.g if there is no mob (for area pops), just write "Mob [None]". If you omit the braces, there will be a link to "None" on the page.


See: Template:Spell

WARNING: The skill article name MUST have ONLY its first letter capitalised (no matter what the name), otherwise it will not be accessible from the slist pages.


== Functionality ==

<A description of what the script does, along with author's name/RoDpedia page>

== MUSHclient/ZMUD/Gmud code <select the one that applies, or use multiple sections> ==

<The actual script in code, with each line indented by one space>


Only add the category of the client for which the script is written (or multiple clients, if there are many versions of the script). The script's name should be of the format "<script name> (script)", where "script name" is something fairly descriptive to avoid name clashes. For an example, see Fly_trigger_(script).


== General Information ==

* Motto: <Organization motto, if applicable>
* Description: <Organization description>
* Headquarters: <Area name or directions, if no area exists>

== Logo ==

<The organization logo logo, taken from RoD, ASCII-formatted>

== Manifesto ==

<The manifesto, usually in help organization>

== External Links ==

[<organization homepage>]



== Help File ==
<Their help file entry, if applicable>
== Biography ==
<Biography text here, if available>
== Timeline ==
* Created: <Date, if available>
* Became <organization> leader: <Date, if available>
* Became Immortal: <Date, if available>
* Destroyed: <Date, if available>
<Add more points to the timeline, as applicable, in ascending order
 (older dates first).>
[[Category:People]] [[Category:Immortals]] (if Immortal) [[Category:Leader]] (if Leader)

Confer with an Overseer to add a category if necessary.


This is a sample template, depending on the information. If it is a definition, use the template below, otherwise confer with an Overseer on the proper format.

'''<word to define>''' <definition>
<e.g. '''Out of Game''' items are the ones that have been removed from the game.>
== Syntax ==

* command syntax
* command syntax variation

== Examples ==
<examples, with links>

== Relevant Pages ==

* <relevant page 1, link>
* <relevant page 2, link>



== Help File ==

<properly format and paste the helpfile>

== Information ==

* Proficient abilities: [[<abilities>]]
* Imbued with: [[<imbued>]]
* Experience gain rate: <rate, 1.00 if none>
* Hometown: [[<area name>]]
* [[Class|Classes]] allowed: [[Augurer]], [[Barbarian]], [[Bladesinger]], [[Cleric]], [[Druid]], [[Fathomer]], [[Mage]], [[Nephandi]], [[Paladin]], [[Ranger]], [[Thief]], [[Vampire]], [[Warrior]].
* [[Deity|Deities]] allowed: [[Adendra]], [[A'enari]], [[Bael]], [[Bron'trel]], [[Cawyn]], [[Estathius]], [[Ghordohl]], [[Gre'Vos]], [[Grishnakh]], [[Kalerd]], [[Kardis]], [[Keltas]], [[LaChte]], [[Mak'kor]], [[Masefi]], [[Sarane]], [[Shivvan]], [[Sh'Vath]], [[Sil-Galith]], [[Tirebaen]], [[Vl'aresch]], [[Wirawyth]], [[Z'hyal]].


Area Categories

Note: Just paste this in the page as is, do not edit/change it.

Items and mobs from the [[{{PAGENAME}}]] area.


If you have found an article that is not very extensive, or you want to create an article but you don't know how, create it and add the keyword {{stub}} at the bottom of it. This will display a notice that it should be extended and will add it to the Stubs category so that people can find and expand it.


If you have found an article whose quality is not on par with the rest of the site, please clean it up or add a {{cleanup}} keyword to the top of it. This will display a notice that it should be cleaned up and add it to the Cleanup category so that people can find and edit it.


Pages which have the same name fall under disambiguation. Read below to understand how to separate out these pages.

NOTE: To create a disambiguation page, you should redirect the original page to another with the exact same title but with the word "(disambiguation)" added to it. For example, the page "french Lace Cuffs" redirects to "french Lace Cuffs (disambiguation)", and this template goes in the disambiguation page.

There are mutiple articles with this name, please select the one you need from the list below:

* [[<article 1>]] <short description, if necessary>
* [[<article 2>]] <short description, if necessary>
* [[<article n>]] <short description, if necessary>


If the vast majority of the users that visit a page would like to see a particular article (i.e. one of the two articles is popular and the other obscure), the article could go directly in the first page (the one you would normally redirect) and you could insert this notice on the very top of the page:

:''For other meanings of '''<page name>''', see [[<page name> (disambiguation)]].''

For an example of this see The Gauntlet

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