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Hometowns are areas each race has dedicated to their own kind. Other races cannot enter most of the area and cannot use the shortcut by telling the pass phrase to Tagetarle's ghost. The main function of hometowns are to serve as the headquarters of nations.

List of Hometowns

Race Area Name Phrase to tell Tagetarle
Drow The City of Iniquity I seek the darkness of my home
Dwarves Qetag's Reach I long for the forges of Khazad
Elves The Island of Irrybis I seek the warmth of nature
Gith The Sands of Teracchei The glittering sands call my name
Gnomes Vale of Nidaros I seek the safety of Nidaros
Half-Elves City of Eldestra I seek the sanctuary of Eldestra
Half-Ogre Opallinoc I must defend my lands!
Half-Orc Mount Krozloy I seek the solace of the caves
Half-Trolls The Ruins of T'man I seek the refuge of the forest
Halflings The Burrows I seek the simpler ways
Humans Keep of Lomar I seek the peace of the garden
Lizardmen Tribal Swamplands
Pixies Reomyr Village I seek the guidance of Reomyr
Sea-Elves Mathlaan Lagoon I seek the clear water of my haven