Horus, God of Justice

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A statue of an imposing man blocks the way to Ra.


  • Area: Blasted Lands
  • Status: Neutral to devouts, otherwise aggressive
  • Alignment: Devout
  • Race: Unknown
  • Class: Unknown
  • Level Range: Unknown
  • Affected By: sanctuary


This statue before you depicts Harmakis, or Horus, as he is more
commonly known. A mighty champion of light he is the justice
bringer, and does so with a passion unknown to most.


  • RoD: Astral or portal to the Ghostly Fabric Dealer (keyword: fabric) and walk w, 2s, 2e, 2s, u, s



Worn around wrista Bracer of Light
Wieldedthe Blade of Justice


  • 100,000 coins



  • Horus has an entry prog for evils, and maybe neuts as well, which does about 200 damage. He definitely attacks both on entry.
  • Horus likes to disarm you, take your weapon dual-wield it against you, so fill his inventory (with sixteen heals, balls of light, etc.).
  • You can poison him if you need him to be a bit easier as it reduces the frequency of his flame blast, and it takes quite well. Wasp talon works effectively against him.
  • He gouges during the fight. He re-wields his weapon (after a while) if you disarm him.
  • Immobilize works.