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The center of the race spectrum. Normal wits and strength.

Help File

                        Humans [Dunedain]

In the beginning the gods created Humans, Elves, and Ogres.
Among them, Humans thrived and became the most prolific, and
they remain the most numerous and varied race in the Realms.

Humans are bipeds with upright stances, and while some are
larger, the majority stand between four and a half and six
and a half feet in height.  There is great variance in their
weight, as well as hair, eye and skin color. It is rare that
any two look exactly alike.

Humans have no inborn predisposition to any alignment or
class path. As a highly adaptable race with no inherent
strengths or weaknesses, they are able to assume the role of
virtually any class.

In the dark time, Humans mated, sometimes by choice, with
Elves (resulting in Half-Elves), and often by force with
Ogres (resulting in Half-Ogres), Orcs (resulting in Half-
Orcs), and Trolls (resulting in Half-Trolls).

Humans may follow the ways of the following classes:
Augurer Barbarian Bladesinger Cleric Druid Fathomer Mage
Nephandi Paladin Ranger Thief Vampire Warrior

Humans gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.00.

The Human Nation lies safe within a keep protected deep in
the Forgotten Woods.



  • Height: 4'6" - 6'9"
  • Weight: 108 - 198 lbs.
  • Skin tone: white, light tan, dark tan, light yellow, light brown, dark brown
  • Eye color: hazel, brown, dark brown, blue, blue-green, green, grey
  • Hair style: any
  • Hair color: strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, blonde, grey, raven black, flame red, red, auburn, brown
  • Facial hair: any (not female)