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Inter-Order Pkill 2018



The following information was posted on questnews:

( 1) Gonnil 04/27/18 Inter-Order Pkill Event - Coming Soon

Coming soon... the newest Inter-Order Pkill Event!

Gather your ordermates, choose your characters, and fight to the death to
determine which Order reigns supreme in the world of pkill.

Check out the Archives board in Town Hall for all the details. Orders will
need to register to participate. Pkill events will take place across multiple
days, beginning on Tuesday, May 8th at 8:00 pm system time.

( 2) Gonnil 05/05/18 Inter-Order Pkill Event - More Details

Four orders will be joining the fight on Tuesday:
Dragonslayer, Arcanes, Inconnu, Ascendere.

Additional information has been posted today on the Archives.

Information from the Archives

The following notes were posted on the Archives:

[ 26] Gonnil: Inter-Order Pkill Event - Details
Fri Apr 27 11:25:18 2018
To: Realms
Gather your ordermates, choose your characters, and fight to the death to
determine which Order reigns supreme in the world of pkill.

Pkill events will start on Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, May 9th, both
between 8:00 to 10:30 pm system time. And will continue on future days, as
organized by the orders and immortal host. Exact schedule will be released
once orders are registered. These will be a series of events where one order
fights vs. another order (not FFA.)

Team rules are as follows:
- 5 characters maximum as representatives of the Order.
- Each member of your team must be of a different genre. No exceptions!
- Maximum damroll per character: 145
- Team characters do not have to be inducted into your Order. But they cannot
be members of a different Order. Use your sect, guild, or even a deadly
character. Or invite your non-ordered friends to fill your team if desired.
- Up to 3 of the 5 team members can be deadly characters.
- For this event, the arena will limit deadly characters to the same
quaffing speed as peaceful characters. Other deadly benefits will still
be in place, such as deadly-only equipment and skills.
- Your inventory must be empty upon arriving at each event. A container
filled with 100 heal potions, 100 mana potions, a magical flying carpet,
3 sanctuary potions, and 5 true sight potions will be issued to you.

[ 27] Gonnil: Inter-Order Pkill Event - Details continued
Fri Apr 27 11:25:59 2018
To: Realms
Additional rules:
- You will be dispelled prior to entering the preparation chamber, but can
spell up prior to entering combat.
- No worn containers.
- No poisoned weapons.

- There will be a prize ceremony where an assortment of prizes will be given
out based on order participation and event results. Including but not limited
to: a unique Order artifact for the top order, a 4 DR weapon enchant, other
unique equipment, and other assorted unique certificates and prizes. Note
that some prizes will be character-specific, and your Order will have to
determine the best distribution method for all prizes.

Arena(s) used:
To be determined. We won't be using the Limbo or Forested Strongholds arena.

For your order to register:
Someone in order leadership needs to mudmail or send tell to Gonnil saying
your order is willing and able to participate in this event, including the
ability to field a team of players on multiple days.

Questions? Post them here.

[ 28] Gonnil: Q&A
Sun Apr 29 07:29:42 2018
To: Realms
- Does it have to be the same group of 5 for all events?
No, you can change characters or people as desired. But, you won't get more
prizes if you have more people. Your order leadership will be responsible for
distributing any prizes received.

[ 29] Gonnil: Q&A 2
Sat May 5 23:11:19 2018
To: Realms
- How long do we have per fight?
No specific time limit, but if the match is dragging on and on I will put a
time limit to it, then start making certain rooms "nomagic", etc until a
winner emerges. In my history of running pkills it's rare that this happens.

- What spell ups are we allowed before a fight? Can we bring a mage/cleric or
tank pots spell up before the fight?
Your inventory must be empty when arriving at the pkill, so no potions.
You will have a time to prepare where any character that is in the pkill can
cast spells on another.

- What is the container going to be keyed to?
"pouch"... specifically a Gladiator pouch.

[ 30] Gonnil: Q&A 3
Sat May 5 23:17:21 2018
To: Realms
There will be 6 total events in a round-robin style. Each of the 4 teams will
fight against each other team. The plan is to do the first three battles on
Tuesday, May 8.

[ 31] Gonnil: Q&A 4
Sun May 6 14:19:29 2018
To: Realms
Each of you will get this pouch at every fight:
A Gladiator pouch contains:
a magical flying carpet
a sanctuary potion (3)
a true sight potion (5)
(Glowing) a glowing blue potion (100)
a small vial of tree sap (100)

The arena will be a scaled down version of Tullfuhrzky Manor.
Just the manor itself, not the surrounding area or hidden passages.
It is 20 rooms big, with several doors.
The entirety of the arena is inside. No outdoors rooms.
The "Oops" room will be inaccessible.

[ 34] Gonnil: Inter-Order Pkill Event - Day 1 Results
Tue May 8 21:28:26 2018
To: Realms
Results from Day 1:
Inconnu vs Dragonslayer: Inconnu wins
Arcanes vs Ascendere: Arcanes wins
Inconnu vs Arcanes: Arcanes wins
Inconnu vs Ascendere: Inconnu wins

Day 2 matchups:
Dragonslayer vs Ascendere
Dragonslayer vs Arcanes

[ 35] Gonnil: Inter-Order Pkill Event - Day 2 Results
Wed May 9 21:16:19 2018
To: Realms
Results from Day 2:
Dragonslayer vs Ascendere: Dragonslayer wins
Dragonslayer vs Arcanes: Arcanes wins

Final Score Sheet

- The Order of Arcanes (3 wins - 0 losses)
- The Order of Inconnu (2 wins - 1 loss)
- The Order of DragonSlayer (1 win - 2 losses)
- The Order of Ascendere (0 wins - 3 losses)


Gladiator prize bag contains:
    a vial of accelerated learning (4)
    a vial of immortality (4)
    a scroll worth one rename
    a certificate of room colorizing (2)
    a certificate for additional housing storage
    a certificate of adepting
    a blackened shard named "Infinity"
    a certificate of +4 weapon enchanting


Order Name Class Race
Arcanes Daedalas Vampire Drow
Arcanes Demiurge (PK) Bladesinger Half-troll
Arcanes Dornado (PK) Druid -
Arcanes Herzog Warrior Drow
Arcanes Ludvig (PK) Mage Gnome
Ascendere Mawz Vampire Half-troll
Ascendere Wismar Warrior Half-orc
Dragonslayers Gorl Warrior Half-orc
Dragonslayers Fanmaylaki Nephandi Drow
Dragonslayers Koak (PK) Druid -
Dragonslayers Madmartigan Thief Half-troll
Dragonslayers Ulkesh Vampire Half-troll
Inconnu Arcm (PK) Mage Dragonborn
Inconnu Myrrdin Cleric -
Inconnu Pygo Warrior Half-troll
Inconnu Samiel Vampire Human
Inconnu Ubanak Thief Half-troll
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