Knights of the Round

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: (Mists at End painting) #4s;w;#2n;give 5k coins kelly;unlock n;open n;#2n;w;nw;w;nw;w;sw;w;enter

Area Information


Forged from the bloods of war and encased in powerful magicks,
the great castle of Camelot lies buried deep in the
mountainous regions of the north. Many generations of kings
have ruled here, their legendary deeds etched into the strong-
hold. Through the many years, law has been the binding that
held Camelot through the worst of times. The Sword of Might,
Excalibur, has served each ruler in his dominance over other
men. And to each king there was a great queen who kept her
liege together through the harshest of times.

However, it now seems that this magnificent hierarchy of order
has fallen to chaos. King Arthur, current ruler of Camelot,
and son to Uther Pendragon, lies near death upon his throne.
He has lost his queen, his sword, and his love of the land.
His bastard son, Mordred, has risen to claim kingship, but he
would surely drive it into ruin. The great knights who once
served the king wander the land, lost in their search for a
holy artifact to save Arthur. Once gentle and soaked in
beauty, the grandeur of Camelot has become obscured by
darkness and despair. Only the truths of law and order could
restore this blackened land to its former glory and status.

Area Notes

The Knights of the Round is a very large area, this is the start of it. The map doesn't show the rooms past Mordred.

Make sure you kneel to the guards at the gate, or the next room north will have no floor and have an instadeath room below it. If you kneel, the room has a floor and the gate is unlocked.

Area Map


External Links

Formerly known as Camelot.

Interview with the Mage has some area history.