Lake of Tich'Pyga

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #7 w;nw;#2 n
  • MUSHClient: #7w (nw) 2n
  • General: 7w, nw, 2n

Area Information

  • Author: Hoerkin/Ceirana
  • Credits: None
  • Level Range: 0 - 65
  • Repop Message: The cry of a loon echoes across the rippling surface of the loch.
  • Time between repops approximately 9-17 minutes (13 average, n=32)
  • Astral/Portal Point: Paddy, Osprey
  • Mob/Item List: Lake of Tich'Pyga


In a time when magic flowed less harnessed throughout the
realms, races warred with one another in alarmingly
conventional fashion. Blood from these melees stained fields
red. The horrible clashes took their toll upon countless

One society beseeched its gods to provide it protection from
such genocide, and the request was granted...but at a cost.
Whereas for some the cost of continued survival is the
scattering of a people across the face of the lands or
consumption by another greater force, this once thriving
market village forfeited all future prosperity and fame for
that one obscure concept that none truly understand: Peace.

But nature requires balance, and peace is always uneasy. What
buried perils still lie within the borders of the serene loch

Area Notes

Lake Tich'Pyga, a lovely little area.

Kill rock shadow - Black
Search - Red, Brown, Blue
Dig - White

Area Map