Land of the Fire Newts

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  • General: 8e, 2se, 2s, se, s, 4e, 2n, e, ne, 2n, e, s
  • zMUD: #8 e;#2 se;#2 s;se;s;#4 e;#2 n;e;ne;#2 n;e;s
  • MUSHClient: #8e 2(se) 2s (se) s 4e 2n e (ne) 2n e s



Within the barren landscape of Moria is the beginnings of a    
trail headed east through the blackened hills. The drudgery    
north of a meeting of trails provides scant hope of finding the
Land of the Fire Newts, though it is known to lie beneath the  
Obsidian Hills.                                                
This strange race is very secretive, attacking all who intrude 
upon their home. Due to their reclusiveness, it has never been 
known how they came to be or what their true goals are. And, as
they remain neutral in the battle between Light and Darkkness, 
none have ever tried to exterminate them.


  • The attendants are aggressive and can detect invisible and hidden.


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