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Layerable items are pieces of armor that can be worn together with other layerable armor items in the same wear location. To stack these pieces of armor together into the same wear location, you have to put them on in the correct order. These items belong to groups that we can call "tiers" (or layers). You cannot combine items that are in the same tier, but you can wear them on top of items in a lower tier. For example, you can combine tier 1 bodywear with items from tiers 2 through 7 to wear all seven tiers together. You can wear tier 4 bodywear on top of tier 2 and/or tier 3.

Worn on body

Tier Items
Tier 1
Item Stats Comments
Blood soaked bandages Ac3, Hp10, Con3 Must be level 15 or lower for it to pop.
The pelt of an ice fox Ac8, Spell-2, Ac_aff-4
An olive coloured shirt Ac14, Cha2
A silken doublet Ac3
The Tunic of the Shattered Vale Ac9, Hp10, Con2, Hp regen 5 male fighter only, magic
suspendies and a bra 5ac because you're ok, you sleep all night and you work all day
Tier 2
Item Stats Comments
An undertunic Ac1
A padded woolen gambeson Ac4
The battle mail of the Dragonlord Ac4, Res fire5% Part of set Hp reg10 Dr2 Lck1 Parry1 fighter only
Tier 2-3
Item Stats Comments
A finely crafted suit of black mesh armour Ac12 Found in Drow hometown. Evil/Neutral. Takes up 2 slots.
Tier 3
Item Stats Comments
A bodymesh of knotted rope Ac8, Dex1 Rogue/Fighter/Divinity/Aberrant/Shaman
A mottled poncho Ac6, Ac_aff-20
A black dragonscale hauberk Ac9, Hp100, Mana75, Dr7, Hr7, Ac_aff-50 Manufactured item. Costs 7m gold. Fighter/Divinity. Takes up 2 slots 3 AND 4
Fur lined, armored plate of the forest Ac14, Hp120, Mana90, Hr2, Dr4, Hp regen12, Ac_aff-30, Res Cold5%
A midnight black hauberk Ac25, Dr7, Hr7, Hp100, Mana100, Str2, Res fire5% pk only
Tier 3-4
Item Stats Comments
A drulna Ac1 Can occupy multiple tiers.
Tier 4
Item Stats Comments
A rough buckram robe Ac8
A double chainmail hauberk Ac9, Con2, Hp20, Spell-5, Ac_aff-5 Fighter/Divinity/aberrant/Shaman
A winter wolf pelt Ac12, Ac_aff-15, Con1 contradictory information, tier 4 or 5 Fighter/Shaman
A black lace brassiere Ac8, Cha4, Ac_aff45 contradictory information, tier 4 or 5
Tier 5
Item Stats Comments
A rouge halfling dress Halfling only.
Studded leather keshka hide Ac15, Ac_aff-15, Con2, Dr3, Dex-1, Hp30 Fighter/Divinity/Aberrant/Shaman
A tight bustier Con4, Moves-55
A glass plate Ac6
Tier 6
Item Stats Comments
A blazing white surcoat Ac2, Cha1, Spell-8
A white Gryphon Keep tabard Ac6, Ac_aff8, Dr1, Hr1 Must be below level 50 for it to pop. Sorcerer/Fighter/Divinity/Aberrant/Shaman
Tabard of the Roses Ac6
Tier 7
Item Stats Comments
The runecape Ac4, Mana10, Spell-3 Must be below level 35 for it to pop. Sorcerer/Fighter/Divinity/Shaman
Tier 8
Item Stats Comments
The Lily Covered Tabard of the Knight Protector Ac10 unwearable by some deities?

Worn about body

Tier Items
Tier 1
Item Stats Comments
the cloak of Death 30ac/1str/3dex/20mn/50mv/4hr/4dr magic
The fur lined cloak of the plains wanderer 15ac/1str/1dex/10hp/4dr/res cold 2% barb only
The Torn Robes of the Ghostbinder 8ac/40hp/40mn/2int/1wis/2dr/5mn regen magic
The underwrappings of the Deceiver 5ac/5dr/1lck/dmg vs god+1,Celestial+1,Angel+1
The Mantle of Malignance 20ac/30hp/cha1/con1/dmg vs fiends+1,vs devoutes+1/4dr/2hr
a silver tunic 16 ac
Tier 2
Item Stats Comments
A shroud of darkness
Mantle of Heresy oog
The essence of kundalini
The mantle of ill portents
The mantle of good omens
Tier 3
Item Stats Comments
Kahl's Green Dragonhide Pouch
An oma'aneh
A silk Oma'aneh
Tier 4
Item Stats Comments
A sparkling gold bed sheet

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