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  • ZMud: nw;#2 w;#4 n;e;look painting;open n;n;#23 w;#8 n;#2 e;open e;e;open e;e;open n;n;#2 w;#2 n;e;open n;n
  • MUSHClient: #(nw) 2w 4n e (look painting) (open n) n 23w 8n 2e (open e) e (open e) e (open n) n 2w 2n e (open n) n
  • General: nw, 2w, 4n, e, look painting, open n, n, 23w, 8n, 2e, open e, e, open e, e, open n, n, 2w, 2n, e, open n, n


The Lieutenant seems like a happy fellow. Although he suffers from a lack
of intelligence, he is quite a challenge in combat. His armor is made of
obsidian, and his sword of an unknown black metal. If you would like to
test his abilities - go right ahead.


Run Instructions

Protective Spells


Nelson, like Mandor, will disarm the tank and try to sacrifice the weapons. You do not want this to happen. The prog works on keywords - if your weapon has the keyword "sword", "spear", "blade", "club", "mace" or "dagger", it will get sacrificed. Common safe weapons include the Maul of Stone, the tarrasque's Horn, the Rod of Divinity, a dragon fang, Lifebane and darkness. He also gouges. Mages should use acetum primus.

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