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Luck, LCK in your 'Score', represents your character's tendency to
succeed or prosper through chance or good fortune. As in life, the
exact extent of this factor remains and will always remain shrouded in

Also as in life, however, it can be said that luck's influence on a
character is pervasive. Though it affects some aspects of life here
in a very direct manner, it can affect nearly every aspect to at least
a degree.

No class receives luck as a prime attribute.

Luck is the secondary attribute of the Augurer.


The luck statistic and its precise role in the game have always been surrounded by a certain amount of mystery.

There is still some controversy over whether or not it modifies the chances of getting good HP/MP gains. The majority of public opinion and the small amount of evidence seems to side with there being no connection.

Immortals are loathe to speak about it and, since the Shattering and the port to SMAUG 2.0, the MUD's source code is kept secret. There's no obvious reason why luck would have changed since the last public release of the code, 1.4a, however, so we can assume to draw conclusions from there. Luck affects the chance of success when using various skills:

It also affects:

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