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Mana is the essence which allows characters to use spells. Every character
is created with mana except for thieves, warriors, and vampires. While thieves
and warriors do not use magic, vampires are given blood points (bp) for their
magickal needs. Note that mana increases as you level, but increases at
various rates depending on your class.

Each spell that a player casts costs some amount of mana, which is
automatically drained from your character. Items such as scrolls and potions
are already infused with magic and do not require mana for use.

Mana can be restored by sleeping or resting, quaffing some potions, or using
the skills meditate or trance.


Essentially mana is the 'magic points' you use to cast spells, there's not much to add:

  • The mana gain every time a character gains a level depends upon its intelligence and wisdom stats
  • When sleeping or resting you can restore your mana quickly if your character's neither hungry nor thirsty

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