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Your mentalstate is your current frame of mind. It reflects how clearly and realistically you view your surroundings. Mentalstate may be affected by prolonged combat, severe wounds, hunger, thirst, or poison. If you are affected by one of the above for a period of time, your mentalstate will begin to deteriorate and you will not view your surroundings as they truly are. You may begin to hallucinate or become too lethargic to function. Additionally, your general abilities will be affected. In extreme cases, you may collapse from exhaustion or enter a delirious coma.

To restore your mentalstate, you may need to rest, eat, and cure any poisons that may be afflicting you. If you are malnourished, your state will not improve until you have eaten and/or quenched your thirst.

You may view your current mentalstate in 'score' noted by one or more sentences that describes your state of mind (i.e., You feel great.). Oldscore will also show this information. The 'group' display contains a less accurate reading of your and your group-mates' mentalstates.

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