Midway of Despair

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Area Directions

Area Information

  • Author: Dria
  • Credits: None
  • Level Range: 0 - 65
  • Repop Message: The loud cry of a merchant selling his wares is heard above the din of the crowd.
  • Astral/Portal Point: None
  • Mob/Item List: Midway of Despair


The Midway comes to town only a few times a year, bringing
with it mirth and excitement! Traveling merchants and faire
workers converge in a secret location (only accessible by
means of a magical rope) and assemble their colorful tents.
Adventurers flock to the Midway to enjoy rare food and drink,
games of chance and occasionally arena fights. Many vendors
and craftspersons peddle the best of their wares in the
cobblestoned Marketplace.

Area Notes

Midway is only accessible when one or several Immortals decide to open it to the public. When Midway is open there will be an echo declaring it and a Magical Rope will appear in Darkhaven square. To access midway you simply pull the rope.

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