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Help File

The many monsters that traverse these Realms are known as mobiles, or mobs. A
mob is any creature that is not a player. They may be killed to obtain gold,
experience, or items.

There are some mobs that serve a specific purpose in the game. Shopkeepers,
for example, are mobs that sell items, such as potions, scrolls, equipment,
and treasures. Other mobs that have a similar purpose include repair mobs,
also known as blacksmiths. Shopkeepers in Darkhaven should NOT be attacked.

Do NOT give items or gold to shopkeepers or repair mobiles. If you do, there
is a good chance that you will not be able to get them back.


A Mobile (or Mob for short) is, as the helpfile says, any creature that is not a player. Most mobs can be killed, but some are pacifists and will not fight. There are some mobs which are illegal to attack, such as the New Darkhaven shopkeepers (you will be taken to a jail cell if you attack them).

If you give gold by mistake to a mob you can either steal it back (you will not get as much as you gave, though) or kill the mob and get it (again, it will probably be less than what you gave).


There are a vast number of mobs in the Realms, but a few examples are Artemis of the forest, Harakiem and Lord Seth.