Mount Krozloy

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Area Directions

  • For Half-Orcs:
    • ZMud: #2 ne;#2 n;say I seek the solace of the caves
    • MUSHClient: #2(ne) 2n (say I seek the solace of the caves)
    • General: 2ne, 2n, say I seek the solace of the caves
  • For non-Half-Orcs:
    • ZMud: #6 n;#3 nw;w;n;#4 e;s;w;sw;nw;n;ne;u;#2 ne;u;ne;u;ne;nw;w;u;#2 ne;u;w;u;ne;w;#4 sw;#4 w;d;#2 nw;sw;u;#4 w;u;#2 w;n;#2 e;open n;n
    • MUSHClient: #6n 3(nw) w n 4e s w (sw) (nw) n (ne) u 2(ne) u (ne) u (ne) (nw) w u 2(ne) u w u (ne) w 4(sw) 4w d 2(nw) (sw) u 4w u 2w n 2e (open n) n
    • General: 6n, 3nw, w, n, 4e, s, w, sw, nw, n, ne, u, 2ne, u, ne, u, ne, nw, w, u, 2ne, u, w, u, ne, w, 4sw, 4w, d, 2nw, sw, u, 4w, u, 2w, n, 2e, open n, n

Area Information


Lost among the Barren Peaks is the forbidding Mount Krozloy.
This peak is the domain of one of the most barbarous and crude
races within the Realms...the half-orc. Krozloy is resplendent
(by orc standards). The half-orcs are zealous in guarding
their meager treasures and post a continuous watch around
their town.

Area Notes

Mount Krozloy is the hometown of the Half-Orc nation. The starting point (the blue room) is for the non-Half-Orc directions.

Area Map


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Half-Orc nation homepage

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