New Darkhaven

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: Don't move.
  • MUSHClient: Don't move.
  • General: Don't move.

Area Information

  • Author: Rennard
  • Credits: None
  • Level Range: 0 - 65
  • Repop Message: Trumpets blare throughout Darkhaven, proclaiming a changing of the guard.
  • Astral/Portal Point: Again, don't move.
  • Mob/Item List: New Darkhaven


The city of Darkhaven, famed City of Hope and light, is a
bastion of safety in the perilous lands of the Realms.
Darkhaven has repelled numerous assaults and maintained its
position as a pillar of stability throughout the lands. Only
once, during the Age of Exultation, were the walls of
Darkhaven compromised and the town razed.

Despite the loss of their homes, the stalwart citizens of
Darkhaven began to rebuild away from the ruins of their old
home. They christened the city New Darkhaven and set about re-
building their reputation as the most prosperous and secure
city within the Realms. New Darkhaven again became a center of
both commerce and knowledge. The city's markets bustled daily.
It became known as a pinnacle of knowledge due to the
construction of the Guild houses and the Tower of Knowledge.
As a monument to prosperity, Castle Darkhawk was constructed
on the hill in the northeast corner of the town. Just to the
west the Cathedral Notre Dame de Sioux was built as a focal
point for the worship of Thoric.

Fortunately for New Darkhaven, little was disrupted during the
Shattering. The citizens were shaken and disturbed, but most
of the structures remained intact despite the horrible
shifting of the land. The guards increase their shifts and
clutch their steel longswords tighter as they peer over the
walls at the unfamiliar lands surrounding them.

Area Notes

This is the area you start in. There are various shops, and all the Guilds are within this area. There are no DTs in New Darkhaven.

If you stand eight squares east (8e) or eight squares south (8s) of Darkhaven Square and 'say I seek the ruins', you will be transported to The Umbrageous Ruins - but only if you are a pkill flagged player.

There is a mob in the northwestern part of the city that can help low level characters out of the city's locked gates at night.

The meat sold in the new player shop beside the entrance to The Halls of Knowledge is better than the food sold at the butcher or baker.

You cannot make any portals inside of Darkhaven, it was banned due to abuse.

Area Map


New Darkhaven Place of Interest

Tagerte's Conveyances

Tagerte's service is available to level 25 or under.

Tagerte tells you 'Welcome to my shop, Karter. I am glad you have come. I sell transportation and would
love to sell it to you.'
Use the LIST command to see what trips are available.
Tagerte tells you 'Each of these trips comes with safe return almost guaranteed.'
Tagerte tells you 'Just RECITE RETURN to use your ticket as a recall home.'
[Lv Price] Item
[17  1626] A return trip to elemental canyon.
[16  1608] A return trip to high tower of sorcery.
[15  1589] A return trip to dwarven catacombs.
[14  1535] A return trip to the tower of zenothir.
[12  1445] A return trip to kingdom of juargan.
[11  2710] A return trip to galaxy.
[10  1354] A return trip to land of the fire newts.
[10  1354] A return trip to mountains of desolation.
[ 9  1264] A return trip to valley of the elves.
[ 8  1084] A return trip to moria.
[ 8  1084] A return trip to troll den.
[ 7  1084] A return trip to the shire.
[ 6  1011] A return trip to wyvern's tower.
[ 5   993] A return trip to crystalmir lake.
[ 2   903] A return trip to pixie forest.
[ 2   903] A return trip to wendle mansion.