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  • General: 6n, 3nw, w, 4 n, 2e
  • zMUD: #6 n;#3 nw;w;#4 n;#2 e
  • MUSHClient: #6n 3(nw) w 4n 2e



The city of New Ofcol had grown so in the last Age that it had
been reunited with its cousin, Ofcol. Known under the common
name Ofcol, the two cities unite to form one of the Light's
stoutest, and most oft besieged, defenders. Ofcol is blessed
by the wisdom of an ancient gold dragon and Liana the Ofcol
Priestess.  But for those foes who understand only the taste
of steel, Ofcol is defended by Marshall Dianna and her forces.
The only downfall is the city's position. Located among the
tangled branches of the Forgotten Woods, Ofcol is isolated
from other Cities of Light.  If other cities were in need,
Ofcol would be able to lend little support.


Ofcol and New Ofcol. Ofcol is barely its own area so these two are combined on the map. There's quite a lot of private housing, but some decent equipment from the citadel in the east and the shops in the south.


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