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General Information

  • Motto: What you can't see, can hurt you.
  • Description: Practitioners of the dark arts have congregated together within the shadows to plot its conquest of the world; and the world will never see it coming... until it is too late.
  • Headquarters: Unknown
  • Leader: Casamate
  • Number One: Voron
  • Number Two: Atruc

Help File

   .-=-=-.           _____        _                
 /       \         / ___ \      | |               
|         |       | |   | |____ | | _   ____ ____ 
| )     ( |       | |   | |    \| || \ / ___) _  |
\/ .\ /. \/       | |___| | | | | |_) ) |  ( ( | |
(    '    )        \_____/|_|_|_|____/|_|   \_||_|
 |.     .|                                
 '-._._.-'         'What you can't see, can hurt you.'
Long ago, a necromantic clan of shadowy practitioners and their legions of
umbral sentinels ruled the deadly realm. These notoriously foul beings were
well known to their enemies as the Shadowcult. They stalked their prey from
the dark, always watching and waiting for the most opportune times to strike
with their foul magicks and elite fighting corps. It was a long held belief 
that The Shattering had destroyed their kind, those who held that belief
were gravely mistaken.
The old necromancers, now estranged from their home had been in hiding. Using
their mastery of the shadows, they concealed their presence. For decades they
searched for the Temple of Shadows, the spiritual home and source of their
necromantic enlightenment. Their immense homesickness and lust for power drove
them to near extinction. After much despair and suffering, the Temple of
Shadows was found.
In returning home the stygian refugees found a cartel of elite brigands, the
Mortiferis, had taken up residence in the sacred temple that was once the seat
of power for their dark swarm. The Mortiferis relentlessly defended the hearth
and treasure hoard of the practitioners as their own. Enraged, the necromancers
and their warring forces rose from the shadows as Ombra, a clan sworn to the
evisceration of the usurper squatters. The Ombra take up their arms in a blood
vengeance to destroy the Mortiferis and seek reclamation of their sacred home
and the treasures held within. 

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