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General Information

    /\                                                                  \
    \_|                         Asgard Nexus                            |
      |                                                                 |
      |  The pantheon is the proverbial 'house of the Gods', where all  |
      |  the Gods or Deities may be found. The pantheon is divided into |
      |  thirds. Each third is inhabited by a religious sect: Arcana    |
      |  Eviae, Amnis Umbra, Vis Liberata. These sects house each of    |
      |  their Deities as individuals. There are roughly seven Deities  |
      |  per sect, though it is not uncommon to have nine or ten        |
      |  Deities per sect. The pantheon of the Deities is called Asgard |
      |  Nexus. Openings to this holiest of places can be found all     |
      |  over the Realm. The openings are called temples or naos. It is |
      |  highly advisable to find these naoi and learn everything       |
      |  possible about the individual deity before devoting. In fact,  |
      |  in many cases you can only devote in the naos of the deity.    |
      |  You may also find out more about the deities of each sect from |
      |  the prophets that inhabit Notre Dame de Sioux in the city of   |
      |  New Darkhaven.                                                 |
      |                                                                 |
      |  See also: 'AMNIS UMBRA', 'VIS LIBERATA', 'ARCANA EVIAE',       |
      |             DEVOTE, SUPPLICATE                                  |
      |                                                                 |
      |                                                                 |
      |   ______________________________________________________________|_

Help File


In choosing a Deity, Clerics align themselves with a path of service 
to the Deity more than any other class. Many of a Cleric's spells and 
skills are manifest out of devoting to their Deity. Having high favor 
allows the devoted Cleric to cast certain spells that only the truly
faithful followers of their Deity have access to. 

Within the Pantheon there are three Deity houses, the Amnis Umbra, Vis 
Liberata, and Arcana Eviae.  


For detailed information on the houses see the following help files: 
Help Pantheon, Amnis Umbra, Vis Liberata, Arcana Eviae 

For information on the Deities and the benefits of devoting to their
cause: help House_Amnis_Umbra, House_Arcana_Eviae, House_Vis_Liberata