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A path is a specialized field of study available to avatars of certain classes. Using the paths command it is possible to see a full listing of all paths and to further examine individual ones. A player can join a path by using the adhere command. Adhere will only function in one room for each path.

Mage are currently the only classes with access to paths. See pantheon for cleric.


  • pat/path '[path]'


path - lists all paths and how many players are in each one
path 'path of balance' - explains the path of balance and shows what spells are gained from it

Study Locations

Path Mob Area
Path of Balance the master of Neutrality High Tower of Sorcery
Path of Countermagick

Path of Defense Path of Destruction Path of Prowess

the spirit guide the Halls of Knowledge
Path of Murder Gravoc's pedagogic spirit Umbrageous Ruins
Path of the Elder School Ravenhill High Tower of Sorcery
Path of the Quill the master scribe High Tower of Sorcery