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Planar spells are a category of spell that allow you to travel to (or in the case of uplift, heal) a target which may be in another room, area or geo. In practice, it's more complicated than instantaneous travel because there are a number of restrictions on it. Many rooms, or even whole areas like The Sentinel, are flagged 'noportal' (which means you can't make portals to/from there) or 'noastral' (which means none of the other planar spells, including uplift, will work to/from that room). There's also the limitations of astral disruption and that you can't use a planar spell on a target whose level is higher than yours. Plus, several of the planar spells have extra restrictions, thematic to their class (like mistwalk can only be used at night-time or cloud travel, which can only be used in certain weather).

Planar spells, by class:

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