Playername's exquisite golden earrings

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A pair of tiny golden earrings were dropped by Playername.



Object 'Playername's exquisite golden earrings' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 21 armor, weight 1.
Locations it can be worn:  ears
Special properties:  bless metal
This armor has a gold value of 10000.
Owner:  Playername
Armor class is 5 of 5.
Affects luck by 1.
Affects hp by 25.
Affects damage roll by 1.



These little, delicate earrings have been engraved with the tiniest, most
intricate letters you've ever seen.


Blorin will offer this quest to characters between levels 21 - 30.

Blorin looks up and smiles.
Blorin tells you 'Perfect timing! I need a favour...are you willing to help me out?'
Blorin waits, hoping you'll say yes.
You say 'yes'
Blorin grins.
Blorin tells you 'Thank you!'
Blorin tells you 'I've been meaning to practice some fancy engraving, and I could use some wax to practice it on.'
Blorin tells you 'I know there's a pot of wax to the south, in a lizard's lair.'
Blorin tells you 'If you can bring it, I'll make it worth your while.'
Blorin smiles at you.
You give a small pot of wax to Blorin.
Blorin tells you 'Mmm...thank you, this will help a lot.'
Blorin rummages around in his pocket, pulling out a pair of earrings.
Blorin tells you 'Someone dropped these in here ages ago. Hope you can find some use for them.'
Blorin adds your name to the earrings in tiny lettering.
Blorin gives you Playername's exquisite golden earrings.
You have received 40000 exp!
Blorin tells you 'I appreciate you getting that wax, Playername. See you around!'
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