Playername's quill encrusted with dried ink

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Playername seems to have lost his quill here.


Object 'Playername's quill encrusted with dried ink' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 2 piercing weapon, weight 2.
Locations it can be worn:  wield
Special properties:  metal
Genres allowed:  sorcerer rogue fighter divinity aberrant shaman
This weapon has a gold value of 1299.
Damage is 1 to 20 (average 10).
Affects hp by 3.
Affects hit roll by 3.
Affects dexterity by 1.
Affects armor class by -3.




Doris says 'Hello Playername!'
Doris shuffles through the piles of paper on her desk.
Doris frowns.
Doris says to you 'I'm glad you came, I'm up to my neck in paperwork, and I don't have time to leave.'
Doris says to you 'I'm completely out of notes and quills...the Mayor keeps me busy. Could you go get 
me one of each?'
Doris says to you 'I can give you something for your troubles if you can help me out.'
Doris flashes you a quick smile and continues her work.
Doris says to you 'If you have my quill and note, please give them to me.'
You give a quill to Doris.
Doris says 'Thanks for the quill. All I need now is a note!'
You give a note to Doris.
Doris says 'This is exactly what I needed to carry on!'
Doris pulls her old quill from a drawer.
Doris says 'I think you can find a use for this now.'
Doris says 'Consider it yours.'
Doris gives you Playername's quill encrusted with dried ink.
Doris begins a letter to the Sultan of Thul Ab'hara for the Mayor.
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