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  • Syntax: cast 'portal' target

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Creates a mystical portal to travel through from the
caster to the target. 

Also read Astral disruption and Dismiss.


This spell creates a two-way portal, like a tunnel, to the location of the target. To use this portal, type 'enter'. This spell will only be successful if you are in a geo that allows travel to the geo the target is in, the target is in a room that allows such planar spells, the target is of an equal or lower level than you, and there is not already a portal in the room. Astral walk, Helical flow, Plant pass, and Solar flight are other such planar spells. Portals can be dismissed. Note that some areas cannot be portalled to not because the creator wanted to restrict the area, but because it would be dangerous - Coral Depths, for example.

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