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Pugilism can be Hitting Weapons, Suction Weapons, Blasting Weapons, or Biting Weapons. They can be used by any class except Barbarian.

Help File

These skills represent your proficiency with various types of weapons.
Each class has different maximum proficiencies with different types
of arms, i.e. the best choice for mages are 'short blades', while a
cleric's best choice is with 'bludgeons.'

Proficiency of less than 50% with a given weapon type means that damage 
inflicted is less than "average", while proficiency greater than 50%
increases your damage per hit.

These skills are automatic:  you need not type anything to invoke them.

"Pugilism" affects your proficiency with otherwise unclassified weapons.     

Percentage in weapon types will not begin to increase until you reach
level six.

See Also

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