Ra, Lord of the Sun

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The TRUE God of the Sun stands here in all his glory.


  • Area: Blasted Lands
  • Status: Neutral to devouts, otherwise aggressive
  • Alignment: Devout
  • Race: Unknown
  • Class: Unknown
  • Level Range: Unknown
  • Affected By: sanctuary, detect invis, detect hidden


The being before you can only be the god known as Ra.  His power is
self-evident, and you feel awed in his presence.  Without thought you
go to one knee in an attempt to honor him.  His smile at you is
neither condescending, nor snide, but full of charm and life.  You
realize that he truly is a god intent on doing what is right to help


  • RoD: The best way to get to Ra is to portal to the Ghostly Fabric Dealer (keyword: fabric) and walk w, 2s, 2e, 2s, u, s, u, s, u, kill Honor, get the key, unlock/open s, kill Ramen, get the key, unlock/open u, u.



Worn around neckthe Amulet of the Sun
Worn on headthe Helm of Light
Worn about bodya Cloak of Light


  • 1,000,000 coins


  • Chars: 1+ melee hitter if poisoned for long enough
  • Weapons: Any except icy weapons, but bring some nonmagical weapons.
  • Tunnel: None
  • IP Check: None
  • Spells for Tank: Basic spells, Blazeward (if not poisoned)
  • Spells for Others: Basic spells
  • Elemental Shields: fireshield, shockshield


  • Immobilize hits Ra.
  • You'll need to use non-magic weapons to kill Honor, just before Ra.
  • Ra attacks neutral and evil characters, but you'd probably figure this out if you had one anyway, as everything on the way would attack you.
  • Poison Ra and wait until he's ranting. Start the fight with a devout, then send in the evils/neuts. If he's been poisoned long enough, melee hits will land very easily and he'll die in a dozen rounds or so.
  • You can run him without poisoning him, but then you need seven or eight hitters and he's still nasty.