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  • Syntax: rescue <target>
  • Success message: You rescue <target>!
  • Failure message: You fail the rescue.

Help File

The help file for this skill also covers flee:

Once you start a fight, you can't just walk away
from it. If the fight is not going well, you can
attempt to FLEE, or another character can

If you lose your link during a fight, then your
character will keep fighting, and will attempt to
RECALL from time to time. Your chances of making the
recall are reduced, and you will lose much more exper-

You will sometimes lose experience for attempting
to flee, and will always lose experience for success-
fully fleeing. The amount of experience lost per attempt
has been lowered, and you will no longer lose exper-
ience on every attempt made.

RESCUE: In order to successfully rescue you must first
practice the skill.


To successfully use this skill, it is required for both the rescuer and the rescued to be engaged in a fight. It's not needed for them to fight the same adversary nor to be in the same fight. A success will make the rescued's current adversary (the one who's taking the rescued's melee blows) switch focus to the rescuer and, if that adversary is a mob, forget that their previous target existed. The luck stat of both rescuer and rescued plays a role: each luck point translates into a percentage point, which either raises or lowers the percentage of success, depending on a thresold.

If the rescuer is devoted to a deity a success may also modify his favor, depending upon his deity's point of view about "helping others".

Another way to change tanks, much more efficient than rescue when it can be done, is style tanking.

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