Rez, Lord of the Banshees

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8u, n, unlock/open n, n, track Malsangre, say back in time, 4e, scan for Rez.


Rez is the leader of the harbingers of fate. His existence rests solely on
his prowess in maintaining order between the realms of the possible and the
predestined. He is a banshee who reaches approximately 8 feet in height.
His face and, more noticeably, his eyes possess solemnity that is unrivaled.


Run Instructions

Protective Spells


Make sure you leave a character outside the maze that you can track back to. Don't fight him if there's any more than one banshee in the room with him. Bring something with you to create a spring with. He has an mprog that deals damage (and usually equipment damage) when you circle, but you can get by using it anyway - no spamming though. It is generally better to take mages though, so you don't get hit by the circle prog. Don't tank on a mage, it just won't work. An ice girth or something with equivalent saves is essential to not getting killed by his breaths. Rez poisons and gouges, bring trues and just style down if you get blinded anyway. Repair after each kill. Rez often scraps containers, carry a few spares. You need to get a Fate key from Rez so that you can get to mobs like Kahl and Atreides.

Alternatively, with a ranger, take it and 3 other characters and shoot Rez with arrows. Rooms in the maze are tunneled to 4, so Rez won't be able to enter the room and jump you.