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A Paladin's bravery and      
hardiness has long been      
known. Often the Paladin     
has enabled the development  
of an ability to make a      
'righteous stand' during     
battle. When utilized, the   
skill will enable the wisest 
of Paladins to hone his or   
her wisdom to reduce the     
amount of damage by a        
considerable amount for a    
short period of time.


  • Syntax: righteous stand
  • Type: Damage Reduction
  • Valid Targets: Self
  • Cost: 25 mana
  • Other Effects: Uses wisdom to soak damage received
  • Duration: 10
  • Mininum stance: fighting (aggressive)
  • Restrictions: Must be used in Battle, cooldown timer

Spell Messages

  • When you successfully cast on yourself: Your righteousness drives you forward into the battle and inures you to pain.
  • When you fail to cast on yourself: Your righteousness wavers and you fear you are not ready to fight to death just yet
  • When the spell expires: Your righteousness will no longer shield you from the pains of combat.
  • When player A successfully casts on player B: Playername draws himself to his full height and appears ready to battle to the end of his life.


Once used, it will take about 30 Minutes or 500 rounds to use again. If you recieve the message Your holy righteousness is judged and found wanting. Try again later.

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