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Saving throws affect the likelihood of being hit with certain types of attacks.
The following are the types of saving throws available in the Realm:
Saving vs. poison
Saving vs. wands
Saving vs. paralysis or petrification
Saving vs. breath
Saving vs. spells or staves


Saving throws, or saves, are a group of statistics that lessen the damage you take from certain types of spells. There's no easy way to check your saves, just identify your equipment and total them up. You base is 0 and the lower your value is (generally it's a negative value), the better. It's based on D&D dice throws, so basically whatever you have in saves is reduced from the total damage you take and if you throw more than you were taking in the first place, then it misses completely. Save vs. poison and save vs. paralysis affect the chance of avoiding being hit by poison or stun.


Wearing the Ice Girth is popular because it helps your saving throws a lot.