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Score is a command that displays your entire character sheet containing all statistics and details. See also: oldscore, report.

Score for Skaje the Forsaken.
LEVEL: 22          Race : Half-orc         Born on: Fri May 16 23:06:00 2008
YEARS: 53          Class: Vampire           Log In: Thu Jun  5 15:37:20 2008
STR  : 20(17)      HitRoll: 31               Saved: Thu Jun  5 15:42:38 2008
INT  : 18(14)      DamRoll: 30                Time: Thu Jun  5 15:42:56 2008
WIS  : 14(11)      Align: +1000, devout     Played: 72 hours
DEX  : 23(16)      Wimpy: 0                Devoted: 33 years
CON  : 17(13)      Armor: that of an avatar
CHA  : 14(12)      Pos'n: standing            
LCK  : 15(12)      Style: evasive              
                                               Items:  00002   (max 00014)
Glory: 0000(0000)                              Weight: 00419 (max 0000500)
Pract: 026         Hitpoints: 509   of   509   Pager: ( )  24    AutoExit(X)
XP   : 14694537        Blood: 1     of    32   MKills:  01615    AutoLoot( )
Gold : 9,407,240        Move: 305   of   305   Mdeaths: 00003    AutoSac ( )
Bank : 0            
You feel great.
Deity:  Grishnakh             Favor: loved

Along the left side we have your current level, character age (years), your attributes with base attributes in parentheses, glory - which is gained through quests run by Immortals, practice points (used in gaining skills), current experience, current gold, gold in bank, your health status (great, tired, sick, etc), deity you devoted to, and beneath this area would be any spells currently affecting you.

In the middle is character race, class, hitroll (bonus to hit chance), damroll (bonus to damage dealt), alignment, wimpy (what HP you attempt to auto-flee at), armor rating, position, combat style, hitpoints, blood or mana, movement points, and your current favor level with your deity.

On the right, date the character was created, last logon time, last save time, current server time (for comparisons), number of hours spent in game, years you've been devoted to current deity, number of items carried and max limit, amount of weight carried and max limit, pager status, whether autoexit is enabled, number of mob kills, whether autoloot is enabled, number of deaths caused by mobs, whether autosac is enabled.


  • sc/score