Sea of Sorrows

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Area Directions

  • ZMud: #6 s;ne;#2 s;se;#2 e;s;#2 sw;s;#2 e;u;#3 e;#3 s;se;#3 e;s;#2 se;#3 s;sw;w;sw;d
  • MUSHClient: #6s (ne) 2s (se) 2e s 2(sw) s 2e u 3e 3s (se) 3e s 2(se) 3s (sw) w (sw) d
  • General: 6s, ne, 2s, se, 2e, s, 2sw, s, 2e, u, 3e, 3s, se, 3e, s, 2se, 3s, sw, w, sw, d

Area Information

  • Author: Cersei
  • Credits: Caine (Original Concept)
  • Level Range: 20 - 40
  • Repop Message: Whispers of loves and battles lost can be heard over the ocean breezes...
  • Astral/Portal Point: Unknown
  • Mob/Item List: Sea of Sorrows


Things are found as well as lost when worlds change. Beneath
the surface of the haunting Sea of Sorrows, something stirs
with an ancient hatred. The sorceries long held beneath the
earth begin to rise, changing the nature of the ocean's
denizens, forming new and beautiful things to cause wonder and
fear in the world as the Sorrows begin to grow.

Area Notes

Sea of Sorrows is a lonely, desolate place. It's bordered by The Blood Sea in the west, Azure Sea in the East (mostly), Wastelands in the North and Otherland in the South.

Area Map