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General Information

Sects are special organizations formed by mortals owning a home or apartment.
The organization is mortal run and has no deity.  

You must be level 15 or higher to join a sect. To learn about any other 
requirements for membership in a sect, speak with the sect owner.
As there is no immortal in charge of sects, unlike Guilds, Orders and Clans,
it is up to the individual sect leader to remove a sect member. Immortals will
not be involved in sect related issues. See HELP HOUSING. 

Sect leaders may not be able to be a leader in Guild, Order or Clan. This will
be up to the individual Guild, Order or Clan.

For a general list of who is online and in a sect, type "who sect".

Help File

sectcreate    <sectname>
  - creates a sect with 'pending' status
In order to use sectcreate, the founder must have 500 million coins and
their own residence.  Both houses and apartment will work.  They may not
be a member of an order, band or clan. 

Once the sectcreate command has been used, the founder must wait for the sect
name to be authorized.  This process might take a few days.  Names should be
medieval in nature and will be scrutinized using the HELP NAMING rules as

A sect can have a maximum of 200 members inducted.
Once a sect has been created, the leader will remain the leader.  If leadership
is to change, the leader must either disband the sect so that it may be
reformed under new leadership or transfer both leadership and residence to a
new leader with the assistance of a level 59 or higher immortal.

Sects are transferred by first disbanding, house ownership is changed, then the
sect is remade under the new leadership.

Note: To be added to "HELP SECT" notify Romani via mudmail. See help note,
help mudmail, for more information.